Leather Phone Charging Wristlet/Clutch Mighty Purse


How It Works

 Leather Phone Charging Wristlet/Clutch

Mighty Purse –    Let’s charge and go!


Here is a little run through on how it works and everything you need to know.


Charge your smartphone:

Simply plug the micro USB cord located inside your wristlet/clutch to recharge your smartphone.  To use with iPhone: Attach the included adapter to the micro-USB connector.

Charge your wristlet/clutch:

Open your purse and unzip the centre pocket to reveal the USB charging cable. Simply plug into a USB port of your phone charger or computer.



Lightweight rechargeable battery:

Built in (but removable) 4000mAh battery that can recharge your smartphone up to 2x per charge, ensuring that you will stay powerful and charged.

All Cables Built In:

No need for messy cables your purse includes a hidden USB cable to charge your purse, and a cable to recharge your Smartphone.

Ultra Compatible:

Works with Android and iPhone smartphones. Licensed adapters included.

LED Indicator:

So you always know how much power you have left and when to recharge.