Leather Care Tips Everyone Should Know

Leather Care Tips Everyone Should Know

If you are the proud owner of a leather bag, then you will want to know how to properly care for and maintain your bag, so it stays looking new and stylish for a long time. Simply follow a few of the suggestions below so you can continue showing off your bag to the world.

Cleaning and Conditioning

Most leather goods can be cleaned safely, as long as you are using the correct cleaner. Before cleaning the bag, you should always test out the cleaner on an inconspicuous area of the bag to ensure that the colour is not affected and it does not ruin the leather.

Conditioners should also be used on occasion, rather than all the time. Conditioners typically include fats and oils that are meant to help lubricate the leather and improve its overall suppleness. As with cleaners, however, the conditioners should also be tested prior to full use on the leather bag.


If you are noticing a few fingerprints, dirt spots, or darker areas on your leather bag, wristlet, or clutch then a good polish may be just what it needs. Apply the leather polishing cream to the bag with a soft cloth and then use a cloth buff immediately after. Do not allow too much time for the polishing cream to dry, however, because it will make your polishing more difficult to do.


When you are not using your leather bag or wristlet then it should be properly covered and stored. Never cover your leather with a plastic bag because it will suffocate. You should also keep it stored in a dry and cool place that is safe and out of the way and where it cannot be exposed to any heat.

If you follow these few simple care and maintenance tips, then you can sustain the supple appearance of your leather bag for years to come.