Handbag Choices for Your Style

Handbag Choices for Your Style

Choosing the right handbag to compliment your own personal style can be a challenging task, but also very rewarding once you find what you are looking for and take it out with you for the very first time.

Are you aware of all the different styles and designs available when it comes to handbags? The following are just a few styles you can choose from; remember, though, carefully consider the occasion you will be using the handbag for as well as whether or not it will compliment you and your wardrobe choices.

Cross-Body Bags

Cross-body bags are best suited for those people that prefer to keep their hands free or someone that commutes often. They come with an extension strap so that the bag can be worn across your body which helps when it comes to comfort as well as keeping your valuables closer to you. It can also be worn over the shoulder for times you do not want to wear it across.

The Hobo, Bucket or Shoulder Bag

The Hobo, Bucket or Shoulder Bag is a choice often made for a more casual setting. It comes equipped with both an extension strap as well as a handle so you can choose how to carry it. They are often quite roomy as well, so you can fit all your essentials.

The Tote Bag

The tote bag has been quickly rising in popularity due to its versatility and abundant uses. The tote bag is often used on shopping trips to eliminate the need for plastic bags. They also come in an array of distinctive design and colour options, so there is always something to love.

The Clutch

Finally, the clutch is a small bag that does not come with a strap or handle. Rather it is held, or clutched, in the hand. They are typically used for more special occasions because they offer a bit more elegance and subtlety compared to the other types of bags.