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Leather Wallets


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If you want a wallet that is stylish, practical, and most importantly lasts you for years to come, there is only one type of wallet that you need. Leather wallets and accessories come in a wide range of styles with various storage options, but the key to their longevity lies in the material they are made from. Just like our range of leather handbags, leather wallets are built to last, are scratch resistant, water resistant, and are great for everyday use.

Whether you want to browse our new products for your everyday staple, or look for something for special occasions, you’ll find the perfect wallet in our collection. Start your search for your new accessory today.

How to Choose the Right Leather Wallet

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to leather wallets. Our collection has a range of brands and styles with something for everyone, but how can you choose your next iconic accessory? Before you checkout with your new wallet, bag, or belt, here are some useful tips to follow:

Pick a style: Do you want a zip or button clip? Consider how you want to carry your new wallet to best find a leather wallet to suit you. For your new leather wallet, do you plan to carry it in your bag, pocket, or do you want a strap?

Storage options: If you often carry coins and cash, you will need to consider how you will stash your cash in your new leather wallet. You might be looking at a style with a simple zipper or a trifold wallet organisation. It all depends on your usage and the occasion.

Decide on the right colour for you: Do you have a set colour that you want like an iconic brown wallet or are you looking to spice up your wardrobe with some bright colours like a blue or red?

Price: When you shop for a wallet, you should have a set budget in mind for what you are looking for. For quality leather wallets you should view your purchases as an investment and as such they will be higher in price than other wallet materials but will last you for years to come.

If it’s a gift: If you are looking for a wallet that would suit as a gift, you should aim for simplicity. Don’t overcomplicate the style of wallet that you chose and decide on a colour that easily matches a wide range of outfits, such as classic brown or black wallets.

If you are in Australia looking for the perfect brand of leather wallets, you’re in the right place. Getting a new accessory for your new date, looking for gifts, or just want to browse small wallets for your night out, start shopping today and take a look at our leather wallets for men and leather wallets for women.

How Long Should a Leather Wallet Last?

If you buy a full grain, high quality leather wallet you will find that your investment can last anywhere between three to ten years. For both women and men’s wallets, you will find that the longevity of your investment will depend on simple maintenance and leather care.

If you want to ensure your favourite leather wallet or leather items lasts, you can use a leather conditioner and try to keep your wallet stored away from direct sunlight. If you use any products on your leather wallet, ensure to spot test and read the label carefully.