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Leather Tote Bags

For a classic and durable style of bag, a leather tote bag is an essential for every wardrobe. From accessories for a new date, a versatile shopping bag, a work bag, or even a gift, a leather tote is a great option.

Leather tote bags are a great option and across all our brands we stock a diverse range of colours, styles and sizes to best suit your needs. Create a new look or style up your old outfits with a new leather bag today.

How to choose a leather tote bag

Leather is a great material and offers longevity and durability. But how should you pick your new leather totes? There is no wrong answer when it comes to your new accessories, but there are some essentials to keep in mind.

  1. Colours: Finding the right colour for your carry bag is one of the most important things to consider. If your outfits need a pop of colour, go for a more colourfully styled leather tote. However, if you want your tote bag to match a wide range of outfits, go for a beige, brown, tan, or black coloured bag.
  2. Usage: Before you checkout with your new tote bag, think about the usage. Will you need pockets in your bag, a wide strap, or a compartment big enough for your laptop? No matter what you fill your bag with from your wallets to headphones or other devices, there is a bag to suit every need.
  3. Size: The size of your bag is important to ensure that you find the right one. Across our site we have a collection of totes for every size and occasion.
  4. Gifts: For shoppers looking for that creative gift idea, an elegant leather tote bag can be a great present. If you are unsure about the best style of leather totes, go for a simple style of tote bag with a neutral colour.

If a leather tote bag isn’t right for you, take a look at our range of leather clutch bags and leather crossbody bags, there is a bag designed to suit every occasion.

Best uses for leather totes

Leather tote bags are a great option for a wide variety of uses from a laptop carrier to your everyday essentials. You can also use your new leather tote bag to store essentials such as cold weather gear, beach towels, picnic rugs, yoga gear, or even as your overnight bag. The options are endless and leather bags provide a flexible solution.

Unlike materials such as canvas, a leather tote bag will be capable of keeping clean and stylish no matter what your usage is. Whether you are looking to accessorise a vintage look or a sleek modern style, a leather tote bag will be your perfect companion. Search our shop for all the latest leather totes, leather purses, leather backpacks, and more.

Complete your outfit with the perfect leather clothing to accompany your new tote bag. Start shopping for leather tote bags Australia today!