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Leather Purses


Looking for a leather purse for a new date, or switching up your everyday style? No matter the occasion or your own preferences, we have something to suit everyone. From a simple phone case to a wristlet or clutch, you can search our range of brands, colours and new arrivals with just a few clicks.

For the best leather purses for sale, see our wide selection of wallets, purses, leather bucket bags and more, browse our shop to find your first purchase today.

Leather Purse Buying Tips

No matter what style of bag you are shopping for, from a leather backpack to a leather tote bag, there are some essential tips for buying accessories.

  1. Go with your gut: For online shoppers looking for ‘leather purses Australia’ you will find that your eyes are instantly drawn to the right purse. Take a look at our range of leather purses and wait for the perfect one to jump out at you!
  2. Consider the size you need: Take note of what you want to use your new purse for. Will this be used only for special occasions or everyday use? How much do you need to fit in your purses? Selecting the right size is important to ensure that you get the most out of your new purchase.
  3. Usage: Do you want to purchase a new leather purse to fit inside your leather handbag or to carry on its own? For leather purses you want to carry in your handbags, ensure that you select a colour to compliment your bags and a size that will easily fit. If you want to carry it, you will need to consider the handle and type of zippers and pockets you will need to keep your belongings secure.

How Can You Tell if a Purse is Real Leather?

When shopping in store, you’ll instantly be able to tell what is real leather by the smell. Leather has a very distinct smell that will help you determine what is real. You will also notice that real leather purses have visible pores and a random pattern in the grain. Fake or faux leather bags and purses will typically have a repetitive pattern.

A real leather purse will be flexible and stretch, unlike fake leather. If you pick up a faux leather purse you will find that the material is hard to stretch and bend.

Lastly, the price will be a good indicator of whether your leather purse is real. Real leather purses and bags are higher quality and therefore, this is reflected in the price. This can be one of the best indicators when shopping online. Leather clutch bags and purses will have a higher price tag, but you will find that they are more durable and versatile than other materials. Making them a great long term investment.

Whether you are shopping for the perfect gift or a new leather purse to add to your own collection, you’ll find something for every occasion in our range. Start shopping our new products and checkout with something special today.