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Leather Backpacks

Quality leather backpacks are flexible and durable without compromising on style. Your back and shoulders will also thank you. With a leather backpack you can provide more comfort and support for your muscles with better weight distribution. If you have busy days planned that require an inventory of items, a leather backpack with sturdy straps is a perfect choice.

With a huge range of leather backpacks, there is something for every taste. Leather is an ideal material for bags and provides durability and timeless style. For all our new products we ensure that we have quality leather that will suit all occasions.

Not only are backpacks ideal to carry all your belongings, but they also add extra security from theft or the weather. For modern style and longevity, a leather backpack is a great investment and addition to any wardrobe.

Leather Backpacks Online for Sale

A leather backpack is a great option for any occasion, from the classic black backpack to a vibrant pink, tan, brown, blue, green, or yellow, you can style your backpack to suit any outfit. From school to work or an overseas trip, leather backpacks are extremely resilient and more flexible than other materials.

From carrying purses, wallets, books, laptops, or even everyday items, a backpack is a great way to practically manage your busy days while still looking stylish. Leather backpacks have several options for you to choose from, from internal pockets or an internal zip closure, to the adorable mini backpack. Find your perfect design and start putting your new bags to good use.

Our shop has a wide array of textures and crafted details. From brands with soft leather to woven patterns and unique strap designs. You’ll find something for everyone. No matter what colours you choose to add to your collection, a leather backpack is a perfect addition for any wardrobe. View our shop and our range of leather shoulder bags or leather crossbody bags.

Are Leather Backpacks Waterproof?

Leather backpacks are ideal for any scenarios from shopping trips, a new date, travel, work, or nights out. But this can mean that your new accessories are exposed to the weather. While leather backpacks are water resistant, they are not entirely waterproof. However, compared to other materials such as canvas, they offer more protection.

There are options to waterproof your leather backpack but before you apply any treatments to your bag, you should test a sample on a discreet section of your bag to avoid discolouration. A leather conditioner or leather wax is ideal to help your backpack from cracking or becoming damaged from water exposure. With a little maintenance to waterproof your bags, you will find that your accessories will last for years to come.

Whether you are looking for a gift idea or wanting to stock your own wardrobe with a new stylish addition, a leather backpack is an essential that can suit any event. Start shopping for a leather backpack and take on any weather today, check out our range of leather clutches, leather tote bags, or leather purses.