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Leather Skirts

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Leather skirts are the perfect addition to any wardrobe and can be dressed up or down to suit a wide range of occasions. With the right stylish pieces, leather clothing can turn any outfit into something fit for the runway.

Throughout the years, a leather skirt has always been a classic, from morning dates with friends to a night out, the leather products are perfect for styling to suit any event. Before you click ‘add to cart’, here are some tips and styling advice you should know about your new purchase.

Leather Skirt Shopping Tips

If you are looking for a new skirt, leather is an ideal option. A leather skirt provides a timeless statement piece and will last for years to come. Unlike other materials such as cotton skirts, your clothing won’t tear, wear, and fade through the years, making leather the perfect match for durability and elegance.

Some simple tips to follow when searching for your perfect leather skirts are:

  1. Shop for brands with genuine leather skirts. The higher quality leather you buy, the longer it will last.
  2. Before you purchase, consider the colour of your leather skirt. Try and find a skirt that will compliment your current accessories and clothing such as your bag, shoes, coats, and even stockings.
  3. Be wary of what size you buy for your leather skirts, as it will stretch over time. If you are purchasing a new leather skirt and want a tighter fit, keep in mind there will be some stretching over time.
  4. Take note and choose a leather skirt that fits your body type. Everyone is unique so browse for items that compliment you. Some typical styles include a midi skirt, mini skirt, A-line skirt, knee pleated, pencil, panelled, and mermaid. Browse through the selection of designer leather skirts to find your perfect fit.

What to Wear with a Leather Skirt?

A leather skirt is a classic piece and can be worn for formal or casual events all year round, the key is how you style it.

A leather mini skirt with a blazer is a stylish combination that is ideal for a day at the office, or a day out in town. You can style your blazer with a crisp white top and a pair of leather shoes to match your leather skirt.

For the colder months, you can wear your leather skirt with stockings, a heavy coat, or a knitted sweater. You could even accessorise this outfit with a leather belt and leather gloves. This is the perfect way to look elegant and stay warm while at functions this winter.

If you are looking for more formal or office appropriate outfits to wear your leather skirt with, a simple button-down shirt tucked into your skirt is the perfect option. You can pair this with a pair of leather mid-calf boots that will help keep you warm if it’s chilly outside.

In the warmer months, you can style your leather skirt with a crop top or t-shirt. With a simple classic white or black t-shirt, or even a printed pattern, you can create a more casual look that allows you to wear your leather skirt all year round.