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Leather Gloves

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Leather gloves are multifunctional and a great investment. Leather gloves are stylish, durable, keep your hands warm, and provide great hand protection, and dexterity. Whether you are looking for something to keep you warm in the chilly winter months or want to add accessories for a formal event, leather gloves are the perfect fit.

Leather Gloves Buying Tips

For both men and women’s leather gloves there are a few tips you will need to know before you browse and shop for your products.

Before you buy leather gloves, you should consider what colour will best complement your outfits. To ensure that your gloves match every style in your wardrobe, consider a neutral colour such as brown, cream, grey, or black. These winter colours are ideal for matching a variety of outfits. If you have leather shoes or a leather skirt, your leather gloves will match perfectly.

The lining of your leather gloves will also make a difference in your comfort and ability to keep the cold out. Gloves with lining such as wool and acrylic blends help to reduce sweating and are more temperature-controlled materials. Deciding on the lining of your glove will also depend on where you intend to wear your gloves. For those who will be out in the weather often, it’s recommended to shop for wool lined gloves.

Next, you will need to know sizes. To ensure that your gloves are a perfect fit, take note to search for the right sizes. If you don’t know which size will suit you, you can measure your hand to determine your size. To find this out measure the circumference of the widest section of your palm. When you first purchase your leather gloves, they may be a little tight, but don’t worry, they will stretch and shape to your hand over time.

To put your leather gloves on, always try to pull on the cuff around your wrist and alternate between the front and back of your hand. This avoids unnecessary strain of the material. For removal, pull on each finger to begin and once you have loosened the material, pull on all fingers at once to pull the glove off. Again, this helps to ensure that you disperse the strain along the seams.

Are Leather Gloves Warm?

Leather gloves are designed to provide your hands with protection and keep your hands warm during the wintry weather. Leather gloves are also great protection against the wind and snow. The benefit of leather gloves is that you don’t lose all dexterity in your hands at the cost of keeping warm. Leather gloves are flexible and durable, so they can be suited to a wide range of occasions. If you are headed to the snow for a weekend, or out to a formal dinner, a pair of leather gloves can provide you with style, comfort, and protection.

Whether you want smooth leather patterned gloves or something a little more decorative, we can help you find the perfect pair of leather gloves to keep you warm. Find the perfect outfit to accompany your new gloves with our range of leather clothing.